Correct me if I'm wrong, but varchar in database is better for performance if you have multiple fields per node. Now if I select multiline text - I automaticaly get text field in database which is what I don't want.

To get multiline in text fields I could hack text.module and get what I want with one additional word like this:

Instead of:

function text_field_widget_info() { return array( ... 'text_textarea' => array( ... 'field types' => array('text_long'), ... ), ... change to:

function text_field_widget_info() { return array( ... 'text_textarea' => array( ... 'field types' => array('text_long', 'text'), ... ), ...

Changing core modules of course is not good. Is there any elegant way to hook and extend text module in my own module without rewriting the widget - can I tell to allow textarea not only text_long, but also text?


You can implement hook_field_widget_info_alter() to change the type. Don't forget to clear the cache for the changes to be visible.

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  • Thank you it worked. I did it like this: function arcustommodule_field_widget_info_alter(&$info) { $info ['text_textarea']['field types'][] = 'text'; } – Aurimas Rekštys Jul 16 '15 at 13:41

There's also a module for Text area widget for text fields now which implements hook_field_widget_info_alter() exactly as shown in Aurimas Rekštys' comment to Web-Beest's answer. This is useful for anyone who wishes to install a contributed module rather than creating or adding to their own custom module.

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