I tried the following code to create a python file of the name "test.py"

edit test.py

This command is not recognised as an internal command. Please suggest me an alternative code for creating a new python file using command line in windows. I have my python already installed in my computer and I have set the path variable too also.


TYPE CON>test.py

To terminate, hit Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Z,Enter (Ctrl+Z = EOF).

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    @GSurendarThina, if you want to create and edit a new file, just use notepad test.py. 64-bit Windows doesn't ship with a console text editor. The old edit DOS program is only available in 32-bit Windows, which has the NT Virtual DOS Machine (NTVDM). – Eryk Sun Jul 16 '15 at 16:20

To create a new python file in your current working directory(cwd) use the following command in your terminal:-type NUL > 'test.py'

1.Here I have created a new python file named "test".....Here 'NUL' stands for an empty file.

2.In above command you can use any name that you want.....but be careful to mention the extension,like in our case(.py).

3.Using this command you can create new file of any type in your cwd.

4.After typing this command.....cmd might prompt an error.....but check in your directory....there will be a new file present.

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if you want to create a new python file in your current directory using a terminal, you can use the following commands.


python > fileName.py


python3 > fileName.py

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