Is there a way to change the existing query parameters using a jersey filter. I have clients passing in id's like this


What I would like is for them to show up as a list in my resource class //Resource class

public List<Something> getFilteredList(@QueryParam("id") List<String> ids) {//

Right now, the ids list contains 1 string which is 1,2,3. I would like to apply a filter and change any comma separated query parameters into multivalued parameters so that the resource method gets a list instead.

Is this at all possible? I tried a filter but the query params given by Jersey's


is immutable.

What's a good way to solve this problem?


The best way I can think of is to just create a wrapper class for the list. This makes it easier to take advantage of the specified functionality of Jersey. You can see what I mean at Passing custom type query parameter.

For example

public class IdFilter {
    private List<String> ids = new ArrayList<>();
    public List<String> getIds() { return ids; }

    public static IdFilter valueOf(String param) {
        IdFilter filter = new IdFilter();
        for (String id: param.split(",") {

getFilteredList(@QueryParam("id") IdFilter ids) {

We don't need to do anything else. Just having the static valueOf is enough for Jersey to know how to parse the query string.

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