I'm attempting to process the body of an HTTP PUT request, but it seems that the MVC engine (or perhaps the ASP.NET stack underpinning it) isn't automatically parsing & populating the request's Form collection with the body data.

This does work as expected when doing a POST.

Note that the request's InputStream property does contain the expected data, and obviously I can build my own key/value collection using that, however I would have expected PUT to work the same way as a POST.

Am I missing something here?

Example action method:

public ActionResult Purchase(int id, FormCollection data)
  // Do stuff with data, except the collection is empty (as is Request.Form)
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Quote from the doc:

The Form collection retrieves the values of form elements posted to the HTTP request body, with a form using the POST method.

So instead of using Request.Form I would recommend you writing a custom model class that will hold the request data and pass it as action parameter. The default model binder will automatically populate the properties from the key/values passed in the request stream:

public ActionResult Purchase(MyCustomModel model)
    // Do stuff with the model

Asp.net does not support PUT out of the box for custom requests. If you are using not the built in capabilities to generate the PUT url try adding X-HTTP-Method-Override with value of PUT in headers, form, or query string.

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