When trying to create an application that uses dynamic ports, instead of a hard-coded port value, I ran across this error:

System.InvalidOperationException: The contract type MLITS.Pulse.Pulse is not attributed with ServiceContractAttribute. In order to define a valid contract, the specified type (either contract interface or service class) must be attributed with ServiceContractAttribute.

My code that is having issues follow:

public static void DynamicAddress()
    int sessionIdentification = 0;
    int portNumber = 0;
    int newPort = 0;
    string uriString = string.Empty;

    sessionIdentification = Process.GetCurrentProcess().SessionId;
    portNumber = 14613;
    newPort = portNumber + sessionIdentification;

    uriString = "net.tcp://localhost:" + newPort + "/PulseService";

    Uri uri = new Uri(uriString);

    //ServiceHost objServiceHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(Pulse), uri);

    ServiceHost objServiceHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(Pulse));
    objServiceHost.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(Pulse), new NetTcpBinding(), uri);


The commented out section is what I had before; however, I realized I needed to clear the Endpoints set up in the config file; which is why the later code exists, and where I am having troubles. The reason for the config files is explained here, in another question that I had posted to help solve the problem I was experiencing before. Once I find a solution I will post my results on both question and close them.

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, and know how to fix the error I am receiving?

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    The error seems pretty explanatory. Is Pulse or the interface decorated with the [ServiceContract] attribute? – Tim Jul 16 '15 at 21:50
  • Exactly.WCF requires atleast one ServiceContract. – Amit Kumar Ghosh Jul 17 '15 at 7:20

It seems like your ServiceContract attribute isn't in your concrete class, try this.

ServiceHost objServiceHost = new ServiceHost(typeof(Pulse));
objServiceHost.AddServiceEndpoint(typeof(IPulse), new NetTcpBinding(), uri);

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