Using Play Framework.


public static Result getResponseJson(Long id){
    List<DataField> entities = new Model.Finder<>(Long.class, DataField.class)
      .where("response_id = " + id).findList();
    Response response = new Response(entities, id);
    return ok(toJson(response));

The Response entity is:

public class Response {
  private Long uuid;
  private Map<TableField, String> map = new HashMap<>();
  ...constructors, getters and setters...

I check the response with POSTMAN. On the tab "Raw" I got:


On the tab "Pretty":

  "uuid": 3942015886343227000,
  "map": {
    "Work": "Contract",
    "locale": "Mogilev"

Why the uuid is got rounded?

  • Max Number in js is +/- 9007199254740992. JS allows only 16 significant digits in a number. Jul 16, 2015 at 23:22
  • The only solution I see is to use uuid as a String in java, so it will display and operate like a string, so the value won't be changed. But anyhow in other functions JS can position this like a number, so will round it... Jul 17, 2015 at 13:50

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It is not related to Playframework it is a browser issue. Open the developer console in your browser and try this -

var c = 3942015886343226874;

This will print - 3942015886343227000

because of number limit in JavaScript.

Its better to use String in case of UUID.

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