I started to test the livereload ability of the combination of grunt watch plugin (grunbt-contrib-watch) and grunt express server (grunt-express). my directory has a gruntfile.js file in the root directory, all npm modules are installed in the npm_modules folder and there is a folder called "build" that contains one html file. 3 packages where installed using npm :

  1. grunt
  2. grunt-contrib-watch
  3. grunt-express

They are working fine. the watch plugin is watching the html file successfully and the server is running at localhost:3000, the only problem is that the livereload property of express plugin is not working when i change the HTML file. I can't figure out why?

my guntfile.js looks like bellow:

module.exports = function(grunt) {
    watch: {
        html: {
            files: ['build/*.html'],
            tasks: []
    express: {
        all: {
            options: {
                bases: 'build',
                livereload: true,
                open: 'http://localhost:3000'
grunt.registerTask('start', ['express','watch']);



on watch config add:

 options: {
          nospawn: true,
          atBegin: true,

ref link: http://thanpol.as/grunt/Grunt-with-express-server-and-Livereload/

  • I'm afraid that didn't solve the problem. when I added both options, it starts the server but shows infinite times of a warning saying that it can not read property length of undefined. – Farzad YZ Jul 16 '15 at 21:00

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