I am in the midst of a controlled test verifying the link between Google Analytics & BigQuery data. In theory the BigQuery fullVisitorId is supposed to be equivalent to the client ID. That said, the following controlled test was just completed:

  • I visited an internal website with a custom source/medium of "nate/nate" obtained the GA client ID from the cookie (values was 1535662810)
  • I expected that the client ID would map to the fullVisitorId in BQ
  • Unfortunately, when I query the BigQuery data set using the following query the fullVisitorId is 6595621548070533271.

Can anyone comment on the difference that is being observed?

SELECT fullVisitorId
FROM [98843070.ga_sessions_intraday_20150716]
WHERE trafficSource.medium = 'nate'
  • Since you already pay for premium account, maybe try addressing these questions to the premium support. I know at least 3 other questions here, that asked the same and never got answered. – Pentium10 Jul 17 '15 at 7:27

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