Here is the problem. I am currently using agnoster theme in zsh. It looks great in iTerm but looks like this in terminal.

Ugly terminal

In other words it looks really ugly. So I am interested in two kinds of solutions:

  1. Have different zsh themes for terminal and iTerm. So I can use agnoster for iTerm and some other theme for terminal. (For example: robbyrussell looks fine in terminal so I would like to have agnoster for iTerm and robbyrussell for terminal.

  2. Make some modifications so that agnoster looks fine in terminal.

I got it to work, apparently I was missing a whitespace in my if condition, that rendered it completely useless. Here is how it looks in my zshrc

if [ "$TERM_PROGRAM" = "Apple_Terminal" ]; then
  • Thanks a lot! I did the same for the Jetbrains terminal (pyCharm and idea): if [ "$TERMINAL_EMULATOR" = "JetBrains-JediTerm" ]; then ZSH_THEME="fwalch" else ZSH_THEME="agnoster" fi – Yury Kirienko Jan 22 at 9:51

Terminal and iTerm set the environmental variable TERM_PROGRAM.

Terminal : Apple_Terminal

iTerm : iTerm

If you use PathFinder's terminal, TERM_PROGRAM is unset.

Open your oh-my-zsh configuration and use the following construction:

    # your favourite themes

[ "$TERM_PROGRAM" = "iTerm" ] && OHMYTHEMES+=agnoster

ZSH_THEME=${OHMYTHEMES[(($RANDOM % ${#OHMYTHEMES} + 1))]} # chooses theme among your favourite randomly

As far as you know what is zsh, I assume you know the least bit of shell scripting and can adjust this to your code.

Related question : Get terminal application name from shell

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    I had got it to work. Thanks for your reply though. I was missing a whitespace after `"$TERM_PROGRAM" in my if condition that was causing the error. – Ankit Sultana Jul 17 '15 at 17:04
  • Not a problem, don't worry. – theoden Jul 17 '15 at 17:06
  • as an aside, such questions are for superuser and askdifferent. – theoden Jul 17 '15 at 17:08
  • Thanks.. I will keep that in mind next time – Ankit Sultana Jul 17 '15 at 17:09

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