I tried to build the R package hyperSpec using Windows Vista. When I do so, I get the following error message:

warning in file.copy(pkgname, Tdir, recursive = TRUE)
Problem copying .\hyperSpec\data\barbiturates.rda to C:\Users\JenZIG\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpOEIqBD\Rbuilde446d3a290d\hyperSpec\data\barbiturates.rda: Permission denied

It is all the same whether I use the command line with R CMD build or R Studio's Build Tools (RTools installed, all package dependencies installed).

To solve the problem, I tried to change the path for the temporary directory or to manually set the permissions for the folders but without success. I tried to execute everything as administrator but again no success.

I think, a similar problem was discussed here:


However, there is no solution provided for this problem.

In addition, I have the same problem when I try to build the package with Win7.

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I had this problem. I had previously installed the package in question using the command line:

sudo R -e "install.packages('somepackage', repos='http://cran.rstudio.com/')"

Then when I tried building the somepackage package from source I got the permission denied message.

The solution was to run the following from the command line:

sudo R -e "remove.packages('somepackage')"

Then I was able to build and check somepackage from source.


I see that the original question was specific to Windows. In that case I think you simply need to run a powershell window as administrator and use the following command:

Rscript.exe "remove.packages('somepackage')"
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    I have experienced this problem intermittently (for a different R package which had to be built from source on Windows because it was not available as a binary from CRAN). I have been unable to discover what causes it (although since the link in the question suggests it is related to the need for administrator privileges, I will look into that next time it occurs). My solution has been to manually cleanup all old files from prior failed install attempts (ie delete /src-i386, /src-x64, and "R library"/"package-name", and try the install again - which (thus far) has worked for me.
    – Geoff
    Jul 30, 2015 at 23:05
  • I think it should be Rscript.exe -e "remove.packages('somepackage')" on Windows.
    – Øystein S
    Aug 29, 2018 at 4:50

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