I'm trying to create a job, which reuses modules from my express app which strongly relies on node-harmony. (And which works nicely), but I don't know how to use generators at "top-level".

So I have this file job.js

var locator = require('./../locatorSetup');
yield locator.connect(); // returns a promise

Which I start by calling

node --harmony job.js

Unfortunately I get:

yield locator.connect();
SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

What's the recommend way of doing this?

P.S. I'm using Bluebird as my promise library..


You can't. yield can only be used within a generator function.

Consider using co to execute generator functions at a top level, like so:

co(function *() {
  yield locator.connect();

co returns a promise that you can then use to track the completion of the passed generator function.

  • ok thanks. Using bluebird it would then look like this: Promise.coroutine(function*(){ yield locator.connect(); console.log('connected'); })(); – AyKarsi Jul 17 '15 at 14:10

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