I'm trying to convert lon,lat values to X,Y coordinates to update the geometry on a feature. Currently, what I have, I believe should work, but doesn't:

var t = esri.geometry.geographicToWebMercator(new esri.geometry.Point(lon,lat),   
        new esri.SpatialReference({ wkid: 32616 }));

This returns:

Object {
    type: "point",
    x: 3864579.687523207,
    y: -22608299.977863092,
    spatialReference: { wkid: 102100 }

// the numbers for x,y should be something close to: 529000, 3842179

Even though I'm specifying the spatialReference to as { wkid: 32616 }, it's returning with { wkid: 32616 }.

How do I go about correctly converting lon,lat to x,y with a different spatialReference than the default 102100?


Try using the Geometry Service to reproject the geometry into the new Spatial Reference.


Is this answer outdated?

use the Geometry Service or create your own service for this operation.. ArcGis Javascript api does not have any solution for such issues

Is this answer outdated?

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