I've executed a query that returns a ResultSet of data that I would like to iterate backwards over. In a for loop it would look like this:

for (int i = MAX; i >=0; i--){
     // do something

The only problem is I don't have a a column in my DB that is perfectly sequential, instead I have an id that is unique, but sometimes skips numbers. So, using the actual result set, is there some way I can do while(set.next()) {...} but in reverse? Thanks.

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    Being able to "scroll in reverse" depends less on "Java" or "JDBC" ... than it depends on your database supporting a "scrollable cursor", and specifying it when you open your query. For example: java2novice.com/jdbc/scroll-read-only – paulsm4 Jul 17 '15 at 22:32

You can traverse a resultset backwards if you have a scrollable resultset.You can get this by doing

ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE and ResultSet.CONCUR_READ_ONLYwhen creating the statement.

Then you can use resultset.last() to get to the last entry and traverse backwards using resultset.previous()

Edit: If you want results in descending order of the non-sequential ids that you mentioned, you can retrieve the resultset in descending order by doing order by id desc and then traverse the resultset normally

  • Thank you for your answer! :D – FaTal Cubez Jul 17 '15 at 22:40

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