How do you get started with competitive programming and get well versed with various topics in it ? What all things you can do ? Get started directly or do some concepts first.


This is a very popular question on Quora, but is generally considered off-topic for Stack Overflow. The best way to use SO for competitive programming advice is to ask specific questions about problems you're having when coding a solution. For example, you might ask how a language feature works. Often you'll find that the question has already been asked.

Here are the 108+ Quora answers to your question: https://www.quora.com/How-do-I-become-a-competitive-programmer

The summary answer is: Get started solving problems. If you have any programming background, which I'm sure you do since you're asking this question, you'll get more benefit from just starting rather than reading a lot first. When you get stuck on something, that's the time to read books or online resources.

If you're having trouble deciding what to start on, here's a suggestion from my blog of how I would get started: http://www.redgreencode.com/about-project-462/

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My 2 cents...
Best option is to get registered at the following coding sites..
+ topcoder.com
+ codechef.com
+ hackerrank.com

And, while you hack code here, you can build upon your programming foundation by learning more on
+ Data structures
+ Algorithms
+ Operating system concepts
+ Networking concepts and more ...

You could also start looking at the following books in this area...
+ The Algorithm Design Manual
+ Programming Challenges: The Programming Contest Training Manual
+ Competitive Programming 2


My advice would be to get registered with a Competitive Programming site if you know how to write simple codes in a particular programming language and solve the basic problems(the ones which does not require algorithms or require basic ones).

My suggestion on the choice of site is:-


Problems are well categorized here.Practice the questions marked 'easy' here followed by a few 'medium' ones.Complete the '30 Days of Coding Challenge' that would give you a good basic idea of the Java language.Also, check other's code and the editorial even if your code passes all the test cases.


Practice the problems categorized under 'ad-hoc' here.Start by solving the problems which are solved by most people...usually they will be easier.

3)Start implementing basic(or standard) algorithms. It is suggested to read them from Topcoder tutorials or Introduction to algorithms.Also, follow a standard book along with it.Now, practice problems based on those algorithms until you get familiar with them.

4)After you get acquainted with the most common algorithms start competing in coding challenges.Practice makes you better. Try to solve problems from previous contests. Solve as many problem A-s as you can until they give you some trouble. Then move on to B, then C etc.

Hope it helps :)

P.S. Also check the following answer on Quora:-


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