How can I format each group in SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) with a different background color and the items of the group with the same color Scale ? as in the following image :

any Hints or Ideas?

thanks in advance

enter image description here


There's no built-in way to do this.

The way I usually end up doing it is with either a table with your colors joined to your data, a function for your colors, or an expression to choose the color.

If you only have 2 or 3 groups, you best bet may be to use an IIF like:

=IIF(FIELDS!GROUP.VALUE = "Group 1", "GRAY", IIF(FIELDS!GROUP.VALUE = "Group 2", "IndianRed", "LightSteelBlue"))

Here are good examples of the various methods:


If you're looking for alternating row colors for the detail, check out this:

Add alternating row color to SQL Server Reporting services report

You could incorporate both into your detail:

=Code.AlternateColor(IIF(FIELDS!GROUP.VALUE = "Group 1", "Gray"
 IIF(FIELDS!GROUP.VALUE = "Group 2", "IndianRed", "LightSteelBlue")),
 IIF(FIELDS!GROUP.VALUE = "Group 1", "LightGray", IIF(FIELDS!GROUP.VALUE = "Group 2", "MistyRose", "AliceBlue")), True)

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