I can't understand the code below and I don't know when we use session_id() before session_start() .

    //defining the session_id() before session_start() is the secret
    echo "Data: " . $_SESSION['theVar'];
    //use your data before below commands
    //common session statement goes here
    $_SESSION['theVar'] = "theData";
    echo "your.php?session_id=" . $session_id;

i want you to explain it ! not just copying the description of php.net !
on the other hand , where is session_id() used ?! what's its usage ?! thank you in advance !

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finally i understood ! i give you two examples :


result |stbug36ge9efg20cpdjnq83m50 ( session id )

and whenever the browser or tab is closed , the session will be omitted and the next time you enter the site , you can manage two action to occur : 1. start a new session with previous session_id 2. or start a new session witt a new id as the usual , the action num.2 will happen but if you want num.1 to happen you have to embed session_id before session_start . look at the code below :



and here we're starting a new session with previous session id .


the usage of Session_id()

you can easily write a online visitors counter -- each time a session starts(use is online ) , its id will store in database . so we can find out how many users are online.

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Setting the session id before starting the session lets you manually "resume" a session, so to speak. If you session_start() without setting the ID, and the previous session has expired, it will generate a new ID and start a brand new session.

From the PHP documentation:

If id is specified, it will replace the current session id. session_id() needs to be called before session_start() for that purpose.

See more at: http://php.net/manual/en/function.session-id.php

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  • session_start doesn't always generate a new ID. If a session already exists, it will resume that session. – Devon Jul 19 '15 at 22:14
  • Revised my answer as I wasn't clear. Thanks for pointing that out. ;) – Ben Fried Jul 19 '15 at 22:17
  • @BenFried , actually i haven't understood yet :-( . can you give me an instance?! – Mehdi Jul 25 '15 at 15:12

The manual is a good place to start. session_id isn't required to start or manage sessions. PHP and the browser (through a cookie) will usually handle this automatically if you exclude session_id. You can however maintain multiple sessions per end user by specifying a session ID.

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