I am using asp.net webform. In my application, I show user page like http://localhost/username

In RouteConfig.cs I register routes like this:

routes.MapPageRoute("default", "", "~/default.aspx");
routes.MapPageRoute("user", "{id}", "~/user.aspx");
routes.MapPageRoute("search", "search/{id}", "~/search.aspx");

but when a username contains point (.) it shows 404 error.

http://locahost/name.lastname this shows error.

Any hint? Thanks


I thought it was related with extensions. So, I found an answer about this. ASP.NET Webforms routing with extension

I add this to web.config

<modules runAllManagedModulesForAllRequests="true" />
    <remove name="UrlRoutingHandler" />

and it is worked!

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