I have a file where the separator(delimiter) is ';' . I read that file into a pandas dataframe df. Now, I want to select some rows from df using a criteria from column c in df. The format of data in column c is as follows:

and so on...

I have another list of words L, which has values such as

[history, geography,....]

Now, if I split the text in column c on '|', then I want to select those rows from df, where the first word does not belong to L.

Therefore, in this example, I will select df[0] but will not chose df[1], since history is present in L and science is not.

I know, I can write a for loop and iter over each object in the dataframe but I was wondering if I could do something in a more compact and efficient way.

For example, we can do:


I have this:

df = pd.read_csv(path, sep=';', header=None, error_bad_lines=False, warn_bad_lines=False)

But, I do not know how to index 'dat'. 'dat' is a Pandas Series, as follows:

 0                     [science, time, boot]
 1                     [history, abc, red]

I tried indexing dat as follows:


But, it gives the entire series instead of just the first element.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You in advance

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Here is an approach:


df = pd.DataFrame({'c':['history|science','science|chemistry','geography|science','biology|IT'],'col2':range(4)})

                   c  col2
0    history|science     0
1  science|chemistry     1
2  geography|science     2
3         biology|IT     3

lst = ['geography', 'biology','IT']


You can use list comprehension:

df.loc[pd.Series([not x.split('|')[0] in lst for x in df.c.tolist()])]

                   c  col2
0    history|science     0
1  science|chemistry     1

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