I have a external C-Library I want to use for my Rubymotion (Redpotion) project. I have used the Library for a Ruby project and used the gem FFI, which worked great.

However I can't get this gem to work in Rubymotion (properly because it is not a Rubymotion gem). I get this error.

uninitialized constant Libdedx::FFI (NameError)

The gem is included in the Gemfile and code is below

module test
    class Dedx_workspace < FFI::Struct
        layout  :loaded_data, :pointer,
                :datasets, :int,
                :active_datasets, :int

Does anybody know if this is possible or know another way of using an external C-library?


You won't be able to use FFI. However, there's another great way to use C libraries.

Just wrap your C functions in an Objective-C class and statically link it in.

@interface MyWrapper : NSObject
- (void)someMethod;

@implementation MyWrapper

- (void) someMethod
    // C stuff here


In your Rakefile

app.vendor_project('vendor/MyWrapper', :static)
  • Would you be able to make an example for my case, because I'm not sure how to do this and have no experience. link to library, here exist the file dedx.c which have a method called dedx_get_program_list. Would you be able to show me how use this method from rubymotion? Or is this somewhat impossible? – NeFaX Jul 28 '15 at 19:39
  • It's certainly not impossible, but I unfortunately don't have time to show you an extensive example. You should be able to link in the dedx.c file and call dedx_get_program_list() inside the // c stuff here method body. – Jamon Holmgren Jul 31 '15 at 23:02

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