I've customized my <select> using like this:

border:1px solid #e3e3e3;
font-family:'FuturaStdLightOblique', sans-serif;
height: 40px;

But I also want to change my dropdown arrow into a look that fits this design. I would like to use the unicode triangle ▼ (&#9660;) as an alternative to the arrow down and if possible, set it to the same color as the texts in my select tag.

Any ideas on how I can achieve this without using anything aside from CSS/HTML? Thanks in advance.

  • pls create a fiddle so that I can help you out – Ajey Jul 21 '15 at 6:44

maybe so?

*:after {
  box-sizing: border-box;

* {
  padding: 0;
  margin: 0;

form {
  padding: 1rem;
  max-width: 400px;
  margin: 1em auto;

.select {
  height: 40px;
  width: 100%;
  overflow: hidden;
  position: relative;
  border-radius: 3px;
  margin-bottom: 1em;

.select:after {
  content: "▼";
  padding: 12px 8px;
  position: absolute;
  right: 10px;
  top: 0;
  z-index: 1;
  text-align: center;
  width: 10%;
  height: 100%;
  pointer-events: none;

.select__field {
  height: 40px;
  width: 100%;
  padding: 5px 15px;
  color: #616263;
  background-color: #ececec;
  border: 1px solid #e3e3e3;
  outline: none;
  font-size: 16px;
  -webkit-appearance: none;
  /* for webkit browsers */
  -moz-appearance: none;
  /* for firefox */
  appearance: none;
  /* for modern browsers */

/* remove default caret for ie */

.select__field::-ms-expand {
  display: none;

.select__field:focus:invalid {
  border-color: #FD6347;

.select__field:required:valid {
  border-color: #006400;

.btn-submit {
  color: #fff;
  display: block;
  padding: 15px;
  text-transform: uppercase;
  background: #535C69;
  width: 100%;
  border: none;
  border-radius: 3px;
<form action="#" method="post">
  <div class="select">
    <select name="nameValueSelect" class="select__field" required>
      <option value="" selected>Choose option ...</option>
      <option>Option 1</option>
      <option>Option 2</option>
      <option>Option 3</option>
      <option>Option 4</option>
      <option>Option 5</option>
      <option>Option 6</option>

  <button type="submit" class="btn-submit">Submit</button>

  • 9
    the wrapper is what makes this possible (e.g.select:after will not work) – localhostdotdev May 2 '19 at 16:34

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