I have a strange issue, that appears since yesterday (07/20/2015). My script worked perfectly since August 2014, so nearly a year, but now it rejects working. If I post a picture or a text to Facebook, I get this server error message:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught GraphMethodException: Invalid appsecret_proof provided in the API argument\n thrown in .../base_facebook.php on line 1329

This is a line in the function throwAPIException in the Facebook PHP SDK (v.3.2.3). I know, it has something to do with with the option Require App Secret (in Facebook Devs -> Apps -> Settings -> Advanced). This option is deactivated for a year, so maybe I have to add something new to my script?

In this stackoverflow-post I found a hint to add this line while calling:


...but this is related to the newer SDK v.4, not to v.3. In my script, I call the SDK v.3 with:

$facebook = new Facebook(array( 'appId' => $App_ID, 'secret' => $App_Secret, 'cookie' => true ));

Is there a way to add enableAppSecretProof anywhere there? Thanks for helping me! :-)


Solution: in line 918 of the base_facebook.php you have to comment these three lines

# if (isset($params['access_token']) && !isset($params['appsecret_proof'])) {
# $params['appsecret_proof'] = $this->getAppSecretProof($params['access_token']);
# }

That's it.

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