I have recently discovered the amazing world of automated debugging, where your tool try to automatically isolate the part of the code that causes a bug. Since then, I have found some tools, like these:

  • delta debugging (implementation in DD.py) using scientific methodology applied to debugging.
  • static and dynamic program slicing extracting a subprogram trace highlighting the variables you want to observe.
  • git-bisect using bisection applied to code history and mixed with delta debugging to quickly find what change caused the bug.

I'm interested into finding more algorithms for automated debugging, which can automate some part (or all?) of the debugging process and where a pratical working implementation exists, particularly:

  • approaches such as delta debugging (which can precisely pinpoint where and why a bug happens in the code by using a systematic/automated approach).
  • is there a software that can automatically generate a minimal program that reproduces a bug from a full program?

NB: some tools I cited are mainly geared towards Python but I am looking for automated debugging tools on any language, what is interesting me is the approach and algorithms, not the specific implementation, but I require an implementation (even a proof of concept) because I would like algorithms which have already been practically applied to real problems (ie, they work, that's just not computer science philosophy).

Clarification: I'm not looking for automated testing tools (which automatically test to find a new bug), but automated debugging approaches where you have a specific bug you want to find the origin in your code.


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I have found a few softwares that can generate a minimal program that reproduces a bug:

  • DD.py has in fact two functions: dd() to find the minimal change that introduced a bug, and ddmin() which finds the minimal configuration (ie, minimal test case).
  • Delta, a program specifically tailored for that purpose.

I also found a course on Udacity called Software Debugging which is presented by Andreas Zeller, the original author of delta debugging.

Side note: these are also somewhat related tools (although they are mainly unit testing tools, they can be used in combination with automated debugging so it's kind of related):

I am still looking for alternative approaches to automated debugging.

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