I am trying to use nodejs with R, how to Execute R algorithm via Node.Js and get the results.

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    And what attempts have you done? What did not work? – stdob-- Jul 21 '15 at 10:56
  • Maybe you could use nodejs.org/api/child_process.html – edi9999 Jul 21 '15 at 10:57
  • @edi9999 I think this is a bad idea. Maybe better OpenСPU? – stdob-- Jul 21 '15 at 10:59
  • Yes that maybe a better solution – edi9999 Jul 21 '15 at 11:01

Check out exec, a node module to run terminal statements.


var exec = require('exec')

exec('code to run my R script', function(err, response) {
    if (err instanceof Error) throw err;

    if (err) {
        console.error('Something went wrong', err);

    // R output
    console.log('All good', response);


child_process is also a valid alternative. Checkout this: Run R script and display graph using node.js

  1. Install OpenCPU && RStudio Server
  2. Install node-opencpu client
  3. Begin to use OpenCPU API

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