Is it possible to export a picture with custom animation from PowerPoint to an animated gif?

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Powerpoint 2010 can save directly to windows video format.

Convert to gif from there.

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    Can you explain how to convert windows video format to gif – puk Dec 4 '15 at 21:33

There are a number of services and pieces of software to convert PowerPoint presentations to videos of various types. AuthorStream is a website that converts PPT to MPEG4. A bunch of programs that do conversion are listed here, some are free and some are not. There is a plugin for Camtasia that can convert directly to GIF from PowerPoint. If you use one of the free products to convert to video, then you can convert that video to images using a tool like MEncoder, and those individual images to an animated gif using any of a number of free tools or services, including GIMP.


Save your slides as images (JPEG, etc) and then import into Adobe Photoshop. Instructions are here:


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