I want to use django-taggit but the docs said it's dependent on south. The django docs are saying that south(with improvements etc.) has been integrated into django 1.7. Does i con simply used south dependent apps like taggit with new migration framework, or i need do some shenanigans to do that?


This is documented here:

Since version 0.12.0 taggit uses Django migrations by default.

and here:

Backwards incompatible: Support for Django 1.7 migrations.

IOW : if you're using Django >= 1.7, you need taggit >= 0.12.0 (current is 0.16.something FWIW), and you dont need not have to care about south in any way.


South has not been integrated in Django. What has been integrated in Django is a brand-new migration system, designed by the author of South. South migrations are 100% incompatible with Django's migration system.

So, in a broader sense, you depend on the app to supply migrations compatible with the new system, though there are some shenanigans that allow you to create those migrations yourself. There are also ways that an app can support both, but there is no way to use South migrations in Django 1.7+.

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