I am facing an issue. Sometimes when I open a workbook (that has no macro) my calculation method is changed to Manual. Researching on the problem I've found the following causes.

Testing has shown that the calculation setting is set to Automatic by default. It will only be set to Manual if:

(1) you have changed the default workbook to one that has the calculation mode set to Manual;

(2) if there is some sort of AutoOpen macro that sets the calculation mode;

(3) if you have some automatically loading workbooks (XLSX or XLTX, including the Personal workbook) that have calculation set to Manual; or

(4) if you start Excel by double-clicking, in Windows, on a workbook that has calculation set to Manual.

I don't understand the explanation for causes (1),(3),(4) since Application.Calculation is an application level property. Can someone explain me what is the relationship of a workbook with the application property?

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    When you open a workbook it launches the application, with its settings – Raystafarian Jul 21 '15 at 16:58
  • relevant – Raystafarian Jul 21 '15 at 17:05
  • With the workbook's settings? I thought it would launch the application with the application settings, settings set by the user. – Ihidan Jul 21 '15 at 17:20
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    Workbooks can set application settings. Say you want automatic, but you open a workbook that's manual - it's going to change the automatic to manual. – Raystafarian Jul 21 '15 at 17:21

Excel sets its initial calculation mode from the first non-addin, non-template workbook opened in an Excel session. Then the second workbook opened does not alter the calculation mode, but of course VBA or the user can alter it.

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