I am getting the following errors and I dont know how to restart the server .I tried multiple times but I get the same error all the time.How can I stop and restart the server.I really appreciate any help.

./bin/neo4j start


/usr/local/neo4j/data/log/console.log: Permission denied
process [11825]... waiting for server to be ready.. Failed to start within 120 seconds.
Neo4j Server may have failed to start, please check the logs.

sudo ./bin/neo4j start


Another server-process is running with [ST=ESTABLISHED], cannot start a new one. Exiting.

The exception you get is because another server is running.

Also, there is another exception, you don't have write access in the folder for the logs.

  1. Check if http://localhost:7474 is displaying the neo4j web browser.

If yes, locate the location of the running database :

enter image description here

Then go to the location and stop the db, eg based on the image :

cd /Users/cw/_graphs/tests
./bin/neo4j stop

If it is not working, try to kill the process :

sudo htop

enter image description here

kill -9 10522

And try to run your new database. And make sure you have the right permissions for the stores and logs.


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