I have been looking for a way to develop Instagram like filters using React-Native. I have created filters using another mobile framework called Ionic which uses the webview to create apps, but the filters are much too slow. How could I manipulate images to create such filtered effects using react-native.



You can check my react-native-image-filter-kit module. It contains an Instagram like set of filters ported from CSSGram project.

Usage example:

import { Image } from 'react-native'
import { ToasterCompat } from 'react-native-image-filter-kit'

const imageStyle = { width: 320, height: 320 }

const atx = (
    source={{ uri: 'https://una.im/CSSgram/img/atx.jpg' }}

const toasted = <ToasterCompat image={atx} />



I wrote the recipes that used to implement instagram styles filter in React Native using gl-react in the medium story at https://medium.com/@wcandillon/instagram-filter-63e169a54ce3.


I think you'd need to look at implementing an OpenGl view to get good performance. If you're doing it on the device then the filters should probably be done using GLSL shaders. I was hoping to find a polyfill-type component for WebGL, but haven't found one yet.

The react-canvas project is quite interesting (even though it's about canvas, not webGL) - and might be worth exploring.

EDIT: it's a long time after, but there is gl-react for exactly the purpose of doing advanced effects like Instagram filters over images.

  • We can use gl-react but there is no way to get the effected image with gl-react. – Sukhdeep Singh Kalra Jun 18 '18 at 1:05
  • Yes, there is @SukhdeepSinghKalra You can get it with Surface.captureFrame() – Benedetto Abbenanti Mar 31 '19 at 17:23

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