Just started using ACRA. When the application crashes it sends a report to my server. All is well.

But there are exceptions which I can catch and let the user keep the problem without error - like using default values. But I'd like to get an error report without bothering the user. But when I do:

ErrorReporter errorReporter = ACRA.getErrorReporter();
errorReporter.putCustomData("test", "value");

the application shuts down. I first tried throwing some error (testing purposes), I hoped sending null would stop the app from stopping - I was wrong.

Is there a way to use ACRA to send an error report without exiting the app? Just thought I had it, but

ErrorReporter errorReporter = ACRA.getErrorReporter();
errorReporter.putCustomData("test", "value");
errorReporter.handleException(null, false); // false is endApplication param, `null` seems to result in a NullPointerException

This also closes the application (without an additional Exception from ACRA):

ErrorReporter errorReporter = ACRA.getErrorReporter();
errorReporter.putCustomData("test", "value");
errorReporter.handleException(new RuntimeException("message"), false); // tried `true` also, just in case

Also closes the app

(1) LogCat shows no stack trace.
(2) While reading the error report, my eye fell on

"DUMPSYS_MEMINFO":"Permission Denial: can't dump meminfo from from pid=1416, uid=10048 without permission android.permission.DUMP\n"

Tried to add android.permission.DUMP to androidmanifest.xml, but I get Permission is only granted to system apps. Reason for exiting app? Work around? It gets all information that I need (and more)...

  • I think you have to put errorReporter.handleException(t, false); in catch block, where t is the throwable itself.
    – Héctor
    Jul 22, 2015 at 7:23
  • @bigdestroyer makes sense.. But to no avail... Btw, if it would crash like that, I'd get a stack trace in logcat - I should have added I don't get a stack trace in logcat
    – Danielson
    Jul 22, 2015 at 7:27
  • 1
    For the reference, the relevant code is here. From that endsApplication = false should work as you think. How does the app terminate? If it raises an exception, can you provide the stack trace?
    – dhke
    Jul 22, 2015 at 7:29
  • @dhke I get no stack trace... Like my update (which you couldn't have seen) might be informative? (no stack trace in LogCat, but some information in Error Report)
    – Danielson
    Jul 22, 2015 at 7:33
  • @dhke I messed up somewhere else...
    – Danielson
    Jul 22, 2015 at 7:39

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As it turns out, the above code is correct. The problem was in that I have overwritten the ErrorReporter:

new HttpSender(org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Method.PUT, org.acra.sender.HttpSender.Type.JSON, null) {
            public void send(final Context context, final CrashReportData report) throws ReportSenderException {
                super.send(context, report);
                respondAsIfCrashing(); // not the real method name

The application wasn't crashing, it just appeared to do that, because of the respondAsIfCrashing method.

The warning DUMPSYS_MEMINFO":"Permission Denial: can't dump meminfo from from pid=1416, uid=10048 without permission android.permission.DUMP is, apparently, not a reason to crash... (perhaps just not writing to device?)

So using

ErrorReporter errorReporter = ACRA.getErrorReporter();
errorReporter.handleException(new RuntimeException("message"), false); 

Is sufficient

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