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I have a database created in SQL Server 2014 and I've linke it with a project written in C# in Visual Studio. I created a ComboBox in which I get the names of all the tables from my database and a get button which shows the content of the current table when I click on it.

My question is, how can I acces the current columns one by one? Because I want to create Insert, Delete, Update buttons, and I need the name of the columns from the current table for that...

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  • I've read that, but I want to work with the column from a current table one by one... I don't know how to select them – francydarkcool - Jul 22 '15 at 9:24
  • Are you asking how to query and fetch the column names for a given table? – Raj Jul 22 '15 at 9:25
  • If I insert data into the gridview, how can i save it? – francydarkcool - Jul 22 '15 at 9:45
using(var reader = command.ExecuteReader())


  var table = reader.GetSchemaTable();
  foreach (DataColumn column in table.Columns)

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