I'm trying to create a new language support for Sublime Text 3. I've been successfully creating a syntax highlighting using YAML, but i'd like to get some help when I'm writing the code, like Sublime Text do with CSS or PHP, that I start typing a command and it recognizes and shows a list with the possible commands and when I choose it, they're written in the code automatically. I just fill it. How can I do this?

Maybe if you have some tips to make syntax highlight, it would be great! Thanks


Would snippets work for your? You could then declare a snippet like

  <content><![CDATA[-Content you want to fill here-]]></content>
  <tabTrigger>-Implicit key binder-</tabTrigger>

and save it under Packages/User.

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  • Yeah, I'm using some snippets as well, but they don't help as much as I wanted. I researched a little bit and I discovered that they use a ".sublime-completions" file. But the Snippets are helping me as well... Thanks ^^ – Antonio Gerardo Jul 23 '15 at 11:15

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