Suppose I have this vector

x <- c("165 239 210", "111 45 93")

Is there a neat package to convert RGB values to hex values in R? I found many javascript ways but not one for R.

x <- "#A5EFD2" "#6F2D5D"

Just split the string up, and then use rgb:

x <- c("165 239 210", "111 45 93")
sapply(strsplit(x, " "), function(x)
    rgb(x[1], x[2], x[3], maxColorValue=255))
#[1] "#A5EFD2" "#6F2D5D"
  • For me, I was going from col2rgb so the following shorthand works (and would be similar for the example here): do.call(rgb, as.list(col2rgb('red')/255)) – MichaelChirico Apr 22 '19 at 7:39
  • Just FTR: after splitting the string, using a function makes this more versatile: rgb_2_hex <- function(r,g,b){rgb(r, g, b, maxColorValue = 255)} – aae Jul 9 '20 at 10:54

You can convert to a numeric matrix and use colourvalues::convert_colours()

  matrix( as.numeric( unlist( strsplit(x, " ") ) ) , ncol = 3, byrow = T)
# [1] "#A5EFD2" "#6F2D5D"

This answer is based off the answer to this same question by Hong Ooi but instead provides a function that takes as input a matrix of rgb values of the form returned by col2rgb(). This means we can convert from hex to rgb and back again with just these two functions.

Start with a matrix of RGB colors of the form

      [,1] [,2]
red    213    0
green   94  158
blue     0  115

This function will convert the matrix to a vector of hex colors.

rgb2col = function(rgbmat){
  ProcessColumn = function(col){
    rgb(rgbmat[1, col], 
        rgbmat[2, col], 
        rgbmat[3, col], 
        maxColorValue = 255)
  sapply(1:ncol(rgbmat), ProcessColumn)

Use case: you might want to modify a color palette manually but not feel as comfortable working with hex numbers. For example, suppose I want to darken a vector of two colors a little.

# Colors to darken
ColorsHex = c("#D55E00","#009E73")

# Convert to rgb
# This is the step where we get the matrix
ColorsRGB = col2rgb(ColorsHex)

# Darken colors by lowering values of RGB
ColorsRGBDark = round(ColorsRGB*.7)

# Convert back to hex
ColorsHexDark = rgb2col(ColorsRGBDark)

The key benefit of this solution is that rgb2col(col2rgb(x)) equals x (or that col2rgb(rgb2col(x)) equals x).


You could use the sprint function in R and the hints in the following post: How to display hexadecimal numbers in C?

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