I just wants to convert from double to int in my UI i am rendering as a double but for the backend i want convert to integer.

Double d = 45.56;

OutPut = 4556;

Please can anybody tell me how to get the value in this format.

  • For your information if you cast Double to int then the result it 45 not 4556 but if you really want output 4556 then remove .(dot) from your Double value. what's wrong? – M D Jul 23 '15 at 10:53
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    double d = 45.56; String temp = String.valueOf(d); if (temp .contains(".")) { temp = temp .replaceAll(".",""); } – Jigar Shekh Jul 23 '15 at 10:56

Try this way, Courtesy

double d = 45.56;
int i = (int) d;

For better info you can visit converting double to integer in java


If you just want to convert the Double to int,

Double D = 45.56;
int i = Integer.valueOf(D.intValue());
//here i becomes 45

But if you want to remove all decimal numbers and count the whole value,

//first convert the Double to String 
double D = 45.56;
String s = String.valueOf(D);
// remove all . (dots) from the String
String str = str.replace(".", "");
//Convert the string back to int
int i = Integer.parseInt(str);
// here i becomes 4556

You are using the Double as object(Wrapper for type double). You need to fist convert it in to string and then int.

Double d=4.5;
int  i = Integer.parseInt(d.toString());

If you want it in the Integer Object Wrapper then can be written as

Integer  i = Integer.parseInt(d.toString());

EDIT If you want to get the desired result - You can go like this-

    Double d = 4.5;
    double tempD = d;
    int tempI = (int) tempD * 100;
    //Integer i = tempI;
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try this code

double d = 45.56; 
String temp = String.valueOf(d); 
if (temp .contains(".")) { 
    temp = temp .replaceAll(".",""); 
// After if you want to convert to integer then
int output = Integer.parseInt(temp);

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