I'm using the python logging module.

I update the logging config using logging.dictConfig().

I would like a way to read the current configuration (e.g. level) used by each logger and print it.

How can I get and print this information?


From Simeon's comment, the logging_tree package lets you print out the details of the current logging configuration.

>>> logging.getLogger('a')
>>> logging.getLogger('a.b').setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
>>> logging.getLogger('x.c')
>>> from logging_tree import printout
>>> printout()
   Level WARNING
   |   Level NOTSET so inherits level WARNING
   |   |
   |   o<--"a.b"
   |       Level DEBUG
           Level NOTSET so inherits level WARNING

If what you want is the logging level for a particular logger, then you can use - logger.getEffectiveLevel() , this would give the integer value for the currently logging level for the logger, and then you can use it with logging.getLevelName() , to get the string representation for that level.

Example -

>>> import logging
>>> l = logging.getLogger(__name__)
>>> l.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
>>> logging.getLevelName(l.getEffectiveLevel())
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    Thank you, Anand. My question was more about how to print the config of all loggers. Simeon answered it, but I appreciate your suggestion. – morfys Jul 24 '15 at 18:20

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