I am studying powershell.I want to know how to check if string contains any substring in an array Powershell.i know how to do the same in python.The code is given below

  any(substring in string for substring in substring_list)

Is there any similar code available in powershell?

my powershell code is given below.

$s="one is first"

i want to validate $s with $a.If any string in $a is present in $s then returns True.Is it possible in powershell

Using the actual variables in the question for simplicity:

$s="one is first"
$null -ne ($a | ? { $s -match $_ })  # returns $true

Modifying $s to not include anything in $a:

$s="something else entirely"
$null -ne ($a | ? { $s -match $_ })  # returns $false

(That's about 25% less characters than chingNotCHing's answer, using the same variable names of course :-)

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    I like this answer, it's short, it's sweet, it works. I think that there just needs some explaination for understanding what is happening. After reading chingNotCHing's answer, I understood it a little better. – Sanity1123 Aug 21 '17 at 10:28
($substring_list | %{$string.contains($_)}) -contains $true

should strictly follow your one-liner

Michael Sorens code answer works best to avoid the pitfall of partial substrings matching , just needs a slight regex modification. If you have the string $s="oner is first" the code would still return true since 'one' would match 'oner' (match in powershell means the second string contains first string.

    $s="oner is first"
    $null -ne ($a | ? { $s -match $_ })  # returns $true

add some regex for word boundary '\b' and the r on 'oner' will now return false

    $null -ne ($a | ? { $s -match "\b$($_)\b" })  # returns $false

For PowerShell ver. 5.0+

Instead of:

$null -ne ($a | ? { $s -match $_ })

try this simpler version:

[bool]($p -match $q)

This returns $True if substring $q is in the array of strings $q

one way to do this

    if ($str -match $_){
        echo "$_ is a substring of $str"

It is possible to select a subset of strings containing any of the strings like this:

$array = @("a", "b")
$source = @("aqw", "brt", "cow")

$source | where { 
    $found = $FALSE
    foreach($arr in $array){
            $found = $TRUE
        if($found -eq $TRUE){

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