I have a problem with batch and I can't get behind it. I searched Google and Stack Overflow for hours, and now I'm asking the question myself because nobody seemed to have this exact problem yet or I simply can't find it. I have even searched last results page on Google (!).

So I have coded a batch file that automatically pulls file names from a server and puts them into a text file along with the files path. Now I have a file that looks roughly like this:


Now I want to search for a specific article number that looks like this for the first example: PY98200 (the part directly behind 1_). If that is found in the file, copy the entire line containing the string into either a new variable or a new text file. If the number exists multiple times, then all lines should be copied, too.

I tried different for loops, but I failed because I am not that experienced with batch coding.

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    type "original_text_file.txt"|find "PY98200" > new_text_file.txt ? – npocmaka Jul 24 '15 at 10:42
  • should I write a loop for this or does it work by itself? – st0ck Jul 24 '15 at 10:46
  • you don't need a loop.Just try it. – npocmaka Jul 24 '15 at 11:02

The command line for this task as posted by npocmaka is:

type "original_text_file.txt" | %SystemRoot%\System32\find.exe "PY98200" > "new_text_file.txt"

How it works?

type is an internal command of command processor cmd.exe which outputs the contents of a text file to stdout (standard output) which is displayed usually in console window.

The output of type is piped with | from stdout of type to stdin (standard input) of standard Windows console application find.

find is a very small console application to find a simple, non regular expression string in lines of a text file and which by default outputs to stdout all lines containing the searched string. A more powerful console application to find strings in files is findstr. But find has the feature needed for this task, too.

The output of find is redirected with > to file new_text_file.txt in current directory.

Why not calling find directly with the name of the text file?

%SystemRoot%\System32\find.exe "PY98200" "original_text_file.txt" > "new_text_file.txt"

With the command line above find outputs also an empty line and one more line containing the name of the file before the lines containing the searched string. This is useful if multiple files are searched for lines containing a string and in output it is important to know which lines are from which file.

But new_text_file.txt should contain only the lines containing PY98200 without any additional information about source. Therefore the command type is used to let find read contents of original_text_file.txt via stdin which avoids printing the two header lines find outputs for each file to file new_text_file.txt.

An alternate command line for this task would be:

%SystemRoot%\System32\findstr.exe /C:PY98200 "original_text_file.txt" > "new_text_file.txt"

For more details about the used commands respectively console applications, open a command prompt window, execute the following commands and read all help pages output by each command into the console window.

  • type /?
  • find /?
  • findstr /?

All standard commands / console applications of Windows output help on running them with parameter /? which for some commands is more accurate then online documentation.

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