I have a problem with the permissions of the files generated by my web server : nginx. When a client uploads files on the server, it has 644 permission (with user/group : apache:apache). But this file have to be modified by a designer (who is a member of apache group), but with 644 permissions it's no possible. I have to change manually (or with a script) the files permissions every minutes.

How can I change the umask of the files created ? from 644 to 664 for example. I don't know how to do that. I have tried to change the umask of the system but it doesn't work for the files created by my webserver so ... can you help me ?

(Sorry for my bad english, i'm french :/ )

Thanks in advance

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I found the solution. I post it here, it could help other persons in the future.

So, I have modify /etc/sysconfig/php-fpm to add :

umask 0002

also add the line

. /etc/sysconfig/php-fpm

in /etc/init.d/php-fpm

then restart php-fpm

It works !

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