In the documentation provided by libphonenumber on Github, there is a demo, which converts any provided number into International Format, e.g +4915213116250 is converted into +49 1521 3116250

I want to use the same functionality in C#.

In the documentation of libphone, there is need to parse the number and provide the countries/regions. But the demo works without providing the region/country. Can some body let me know how it is done?

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Have you tried this?

var phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.GetInstance();
var numberProto = phoneUtil.Parse("1234567890", "IT");
var formattedPhone = phoneUtil.Format(numberProto, PhoneNumberFormat.INTERNATIONAL);

This will give you "+39 123 456 7890"

  • How to validate phone number? I don't know how to set PhoneNumber - it has a lot of params, but mostly they are readonly.
    – FrenkyB
    Aug 12, 2019 at 7:56
  • @FrenkyB use phoneUtil.Parse and then phoneUtil.IsValidNumber Jan 11, 2021 at 14:13

@danyolgiax almost had it. Here's what you do:

var phoneUtil = PhoneNumberUtil.GetInstance();
var numberProto = phoneUtil.Parse("+4915213116250", "ZZ"); //why ZZ means international i don't know
var formattedPhone = phoneUtil.Format(numberProto, PhoneNumberFormat.INTERNATIONAL);

Remember to use phoneUtil.IsValidNumber if you aren't certain that the phone number is valid. Also be aware that phoneUtil.Parse may throw.

  • ZZ dont work i get PhoneNumbers.NumberParseException: 'Missing or invalid default region.'
    – Emma
    Jan 16 at 9:32

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