Is there any way I can find out what happened that results into a crash? I tried running a script multiple times now, and it seems to crash after a random amount of work done.

This is what I get (R studio): enter image description here

As you can see, this isn't of any help.

As for memory: I am trying to construct a matrix with 34 million entries. I monitored the memory usage during execution and came to the conclusion that there wasn't a big increase in memory. Memory was constant-ish at about 580mb.

The crash only occurs in R studio. Not in the R interpreter.

  • which rstudio version you are using? – Jul 25 '15 at 15:20
  • @grubjesic Version 0.99.465 with R version 3.2.1 – drx Jul 25 '15 at 15:21
  • ok, so rstudio and R version seems fine. Can we maybe see the script and data so I can try to reproduce this error? – Jul 25 '15 at 15:25
  • It's probably an error in compiled code in a package you're using. It would help to have the stack trace and/or core dump (I'm not sure how to get either from RStudio), and the output from sessionInfo(). – Joshua Ulrich Jul 25 '15 at 15:26
  • Does this cause problems if you run the script using the R GUI? – William Gearty Jul 25 '15 at 16:58

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