In a ServiceStack project I am trying to test the following application code:

var formData = "client_id={0}".Fmt(ClientId);
var contents = AccessTokenUrl.PostToUrl(formData);

ServiceStack provides the HttpResultFilter for mocking the PostToUrl utility function.

My test uses that as follows:

using (new HttpResultsFilter
    StringResultFn = (HttpWebRequest tokenRequest) =>
        // TODO: Test form data

How can I access the form data in the request for verification?


From v4.0.50 to improve the usefulness of mocking HTTP Requests, the request body is now passed in the Results Filter so the Request Body can be inspected, e.g:

using (new HttpResultsFilter
    StringResultFn = (webReq, reqBody) =>
        if (reqBody != null && reqBody.Contains("{\"a\":1}")) 
            return "mocked-by-body";

        return webReq.RequestUri.ToString().Contains("google")
            ? "mocked-google"
            : "mocked-yahoo";
    "http://yahoo.com".PostJsonToUrl(json: "{\"a\":1}") //= mocked-by-body

    "http://google.com".GetJsonFromUrl() //= mocked-google
    "http://yahoo.com".GetJsonFromUrl()  //= mocked-yahoo

Prior to v4.0.50 this wasn't possible since POST'ed data gets written to the HttpWebRequest ConnectStream which is an internal write-only Stream where attempting to read from it will throw an exception.

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