If you go to Instaram and open up the console you will see that there are words used in data-reactid attribute



Have a look for yourself. How did they do that ? and why is that happening ?

Any thoughts ?

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It's because of the key attribute.

When dynamically creating child components, the children can be uniquely identified via the set key attribute. This value will be visible in the data-reactid attribute in said elements after being rendered into the DOM:


something is actually the value of the key attribute.

Lets say you have a Queue and a QueueItem component. The Queue component will have a queueData Array and in it's render() method, you'll dynamically create QueueItem components with a key attribute:

// QueueItem component.
render: function () {
  return (
      { this.props.name }

// Queue component.
render: function () {
  return (
    <ul className="queue-data">
        this.state.queueData.map(queueItem => <QueueItem key={ 'most-recent-' + queueItem.id } />)

This will result in the following markup:

<ul class="queue-data" data-reactid=".0.1">
  <li data-reactid=".0.1.$most-recent-1">one</li>
  <li data-reactid=".0.1.$most-recent-2">two</li>
  <li data-reactid=".0.1.$most-recent-3">three</li>

More information about dynamic children can be found here

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