I have a series of tests that are pass when I use the Karma Chrome Launcher but fail when I use the Karma PhantomJS launcher.

Here is my what's inside my karma.config.js file ``` frameworks: ['browserify','mocha','chai', 'sinon'],

files: require('./include.conf.js').concat([

// list of files to exclude
exclude: [

browserify: {
    debug: true,
    transform: ['reactify'],
    bundleDelay: 1000

preprocessors: {
    'test/helper/*.js': ['browserify'],
    'test/example/*.spec.js': ['browserify'],
    'test/unit/*.spec.js': ['browserify'],
    'test/integration/*.spec.js': ['browserify'],
    'dev/js/**/*.js': ['browserify']

// web server port
port: 9876,

autoWatch: true,

browsers: ['PhantomJS'],

// Continuous Integration mode
// if true, Karma captures browsers, runs the tests and exits
singleRun: true,

plugins: [

All of the files are being preprocessed and running properly with the Karma Chrome Launcher, but when I try to run them with PhantomJS, I get a bunch of errors like this :

PhantomJS 1.9.8 (Mac OS X 0.0.0) ERROR ReferenceError: Can't find variable: require at /Users/edwinlin/Documents/repos/Picarus/dev/js/utils/database-utils.js:1

Thanks for anyone's help!

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