The application I am integrating now will create new schemas. (each customer has its owned schema, eg. schema1, schema2, schema3 ....etc) To grant usage and read-only access to the new created schema and specific tables in the schema, I execute these commands:

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA schema1 TO read_only_user;
GRANT SELECT ON schema1.talbe1 TO read_only_user;
GRANT SELECT ON schema1.table2 TO read_only_user;

GRANT USAGE ON SCHEMA schema2 TO read_only_user;
GRANT SELECT ON schema2.talbe1 TO read_only_user;
GRANT SELECT ON schema2.table2 TO read_only_user;

(......and so on.....)

I just wonder if I could grant usage & privileges on future created schema in PostgreSQL. Could only find ways to alter default privileges on future created tables but not future created schemas.


There are no default privileges for schemas. But since you are using a model whereby every user has its own schema you can automate the full process, including creating the user and setting a password, if needed:

CREATE FUNCTION new_user_schema (user text, pwd text) RETURNS void AS $$
  usr name;
  sch name;
  -- Create the user
  usr := quote_identifier(user);
  EXECUTE format('CREATE ROLE %I LOGIN PASSWORD %L', usr, quote_literal(pwd));

  -- Create the schema named after the user and set default privileges
  sch := quote_identifier('sch_' || user);
  EXECUTE format('CREATE SCHEMA %I', sch);
  EXECUTE format('ALTER SCHEMA %I OWNER TO %L', sch, usr);
                    GRANT SELECT ON TABLES TO %L', sch, usr);

You can then create the user, create the schema and set up default privileges with a simple command:

SELECT new_user_schema('new_user', 'secret');
  • Thank you for you answer. Appreciated. – edyywang Jul 27 '15 at 2:16
  • 1
    Thank you for you answer. Appreciated. However my issue is that I don't have the control when new DB schema created and the read-only user I granted usage is not the schema owner (I don't have the control to the original schema owner either). So I guess what I need is an automated process to detect a schema created and grant usage/select to the read-only user. – edyywang Jul 27 '15 at 2:24
  • So who will do the GRANT command? Since it is apparently not the schema owner it will have to be a superuser role. And how is the schema itself created? – Patrick Jul 27 '15 at 2:35
  • 1
    There is a superuser role to create the new schema but I don't have the control in their code when the superuser create the new schema. So I think I need create some automated detection or some trigger detect a new schema created then GRANT usage/select to another read-only user. The challenge is that I cannot change the code when superuser create new schema:( Or is there a way to add some code in the superuser account, so whenever superuser create new schema, it will execute the GRANT command after create new schema. Thank you so much. – edyywang Jul 27 '15 at 8:48

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