I previously worked on a C# project but now I'm working with Visual Basic and what I want to do is simply translate the C# code to Visual Basic and it's going fine except for one piece of code of C# that I have no idea how to translate to VB

The C# code is:

private void ReadInput(Animal animal)
    // Mammal is a class that inherits from the Animal class
    Mammal mammal = animal as Mammal; //<<----How to translate this code?
    if (mammal != null)
        mammal.Teeth = ReadTeeth();

I'm not really sure how to translate animal as Mammal to Visual Basic.


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Use TryCast to treat animal as mammal

 Dim mammal As Mammal = TryCast(animal, Mammal) 
  • @John.P, if it worked then you should click the check mark. Also note that in cases where TryCast fails, mammal will be Nothing, so you should check. Jul 26, 2015 at 15:07

The missing piece in your conversion is TryCast(animal, Mammal)

There are a lot of code converters online that can help you to answer questions of the type "how can I translate code x from language y to language z?":

and more ...

Note: Some converters only work properly if you embed your code snippet into a class. For your specific example, some of them had trouble with the code comments. After removing them, everything went smooth.

They will yield something like this (comments removed):

Private Sub ReadInput(animal As Animal)
    Dim mammal As Mammal = TryCast(animal, Mammal)
    If mammal IsNot Nothing Then
        mammal.Teeth = ReadTeeth()
    End If
End Sub

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