I do Google sheets and I'm fighting with REGEXREPLACE function past few hours, in general I have this:

string1: "blah blah blah @abc blah @bcd blah blah"

And I want this:

string2: "@abc @bcd"

I try to extract it with REGEXEXTRACT(string1,"@[^\s]+") but this function won't work global, so I use REGEXREPLACE to replace everything else than @abc and @bcd to "", but to do that I need to negate @[^\s]+!
How to do that?

  • Also can try with regexreplace like this (@\S+\s*)|[^@]+ and replace with $1
    – Jonny 5
    Jul 27, 2015 at 4:35

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I think this can helps (With $1 substitution):


[Regex Demo]

  • How can I accomplish this, but for extracting all instances of text inside brackets with "t-", e.g., [t- text here] (Note: there are other texts inside brackets, but with different letters, e.g., [a- text here] - we don't want these)
    – user3871
    Feb 3, 2019 at 21:19

(edit) I suggested the other answers wouldn't work in Sheets, but I didn't look at @shA.t's answer closely, which in fact works perfectly. This would be the Sheets implementation:


My original answer:

Unfortunately I think the other answers won't work in the context of Google Sheets, which doesn't support "look-aheads" in spreadsheet function regex.

See if this works:

=ArrayFormula(TRIM(JOIN(" ",IFERROR(REGEXEXTRACT(SPLIT(L1," "),"^@.+")))))

  • 1
    I think I did test both, and as far as I remember both did work. I stayed with REGEXREPLACE (myStringHere,"(?:.*?(@\S*))|(.*)","$1") because I think it did filter out string exactly, the other solution is very close (I think some white spaces were let in). Anyway both work, thanks lots!
    – mmd
    Jul 28, 2015 at 3:02

Thank you shA.t ... I was trying to do a similar thing with JSON file extracting data fields using google sheets by including what I wanted then running into the restrictions of RE2 used by sheets. Using REGEXREPLACE and excluding what I didn't want worked like a charm, just substituted by trial and error till It was perfect



After looking at it closer I realized I wanted the headers to be removed as well, so the final RE2 is even simpler



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