In unity 5.1.1f1 I have a cube which is moving by a script. Whenever a rigidbody comes in contact to it, it moves the rigidbody out of its path.

However in some of the situations, the rigidBody is in the path of the cube and the cube moves through the rigidbody.

For example as here in the pic, the red is the movable cube and the grey is the RigidBody - enter image description here

As you can see the red cube can move into the grey rigidBody.

The sources are here

I also asked the question here

The cube is moving with the script -

 transform.position = Vector3.MoveTowards (transform.position, 
 patrolPoints [currentPoint].position, moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime);

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This issue occurs because your rigidbody (blue cube) becomes asleep. This can be fixed by adding GetComponent ().sleepThreshold = -1; to Start() method of you PlayerMovement.cs.


Make sure that Collision Detection is set to continous.


Adding rigidBody to the red cube solved the problem.

Should I put this problem statement in the unity bugs?


Correct Answer

Sorry i didnt realize it was the object without rigidbody you intend to move. If this is the case, and you must use Vector3.MoveTowards() or transform.Translate(), then do so in FixedUpdate() function instead of Update() and use Time.fixedDeltaTime instead of Time.deltaTime this will put your movements in increments synced up to Unity's physics frames, which happen at different intervals from the rendered frames. This is not a bug.

Original Answer

You dont want to use Vector3.MoveTowards() or transform.Translate() with rigidbodies which you want to interact with other bodies. They will move exactly the way you tell them without any interaction. You need to use rigidbody.AddForce() instead.

  • In the question, the red movable cube is not a rigidBody. It is just a cube. Should I move the cube using something like Object.AddForce() Jul 28, 2015 at 1:09

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