I have the following dataframe:

                                0       1
0                 enrichment_site   value
1                    last_updated   value
2                     image_names   value
3                 shipping_weight   value
4                        ean_gtin   value
5                        stockqty   value
6                      height__mm   value
7                    availability   value
8                             rrp   value
9                             sku   value
10                     price_band   value
11                           item   value

I tried with pivot table

test.pivot(index=index, columns='0', values='1')

but I get the following error:

KeyError: '1'

any alternative to pivot table to do this?

  • What is the desired result? What is the value of index? – unutbu Jul 27 '15 at 16:47

You can use df = df.T to transpose the dataframe. This switches the dataframe round so that the rows become columns.

You could also use pd.DataFrame.transpose().


When using pd.DataFrame.transpose (as suggested by Jamie Bull / coldspeed), be sure to actually write


...without the brackets, it didn't work for me.

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