I have been searching for a week now with no success for a way I can get only the vertical mouse speed using Jquery

Cursormeter is great but not confined only to vertical speed: http://www.loganfranken.com/blog/49/capturing-cursor-speed/

Can someone please advice?

  • Write your own? It's super-simple. – Shomz Jul 27 '15 at 16:24

Cursormeter is on github (https://github.com/loganfranken/Cursometer) so you could fork it and modify it to fit your needs. It is calculating distance on line 178

distance = Math.sqrt(xDiff + yDiff);

You could modify that to only use one axis. For example if you wanted up/down speed, change it to

distance = Math.sqrt(yDiff); 

There is a jQuery Plugin called scroll-speedwhich allows you to get the scroll speed of the Windowor another div

You can download it here:


So once you download it you would do something like this:

speed.on('scroll', callback(event))

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