I'm trying to run db_create.py in Flask, and am getting the following error:

from six.moves.configparser import ConfigParser
ImportError: No module named configparser

Even after a successfull pip install, the same error code comes up.

I'm seeing solutions targeting Python 3, but not lower.

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    In Python<3 the configparser module is called ConfigParser (see here) so I'm guessing the crux of the problem is the db_create.py script is meant only to work with Python3. Can you share where you are getting that script from?
    – lemonhead
    Jul 27 '15 at 20:13
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    also, FWIW I ran pip install six in my py2.7 installation and then in my python-2.7 shell, I'm able to run: from six.moves.configparser import ConfigParser
    – lemonhead
    Jul 27 '15 at 20:15
  • Six is installed, and the configparser package is installed as well, but when I try your suggestion, it tells me that there's no module named configparser
    – fstopzero
    Jul 27 '15 at 20:37
  • And, in the shell, print configparser.__file__ gives me the following path: /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/configparser.pyc, which is what is expected.
    – fstopzero
    Jul 27 '15 at 20:41
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    hmm... actually I'd expect it to be the camelcase ConfigParser for py2.7, e.g. for me it's '/usr/lib/python2.7/ConfigParser.pyc'. Did you pip install ConfigParser?
    – lemonhead
    Jul 27 '15 at 20:42

For anyone following along, this was likely caused by an old (broken) version of the six module, e.g. see https://github.com/Parsely/streamparse/issues/113, for instance

which caused six.moves to be almost empty (contained no configparser module)

The fix was to upgrade the version of six used.


I am using CENTOS RHEL 7 with Python 2.7.5 & pip version 8.1.2 and and fixed it doing:

cd /home/user/
sudo pip install configparser

And it was done for me. But Previously i had installed:

cd /home/user/
pip install --user pytz requests tqdm tzlocal python-dateutil

No problems at all.

to know your python version and to know configparser check up:

python --version

python -c 'import six; print(six.__version__)'

python -c 'import six.moves; print(dir(six.moves))'

I had configparser installed previously but I was not working so I think you must install all the dependencies and libs of python pip on your /home/user_directory

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