I have treeview and a context menu that is shown for every node. One node has the selection. I move now with the mouse to another node and open the context menu with a righ-mouse-click. Now there is the problem, that the selection is still on the old new node. How can I prevent, that the menu pops up, if the user haven't selected the node before by a mouse click selection ? In other words how can I achieve that the user must select the treenode before by a normal mouse click or the treenode gets the selection with the right mouse click automatically.


Try the following code, which provides you a preselection of the treenode.

TreeNode treeNodeAtMousePosition = this.treeView1.GetNodeAt(this.treeView1.PointToClient(Control.MousePosition));
TreeNode selectedTreeNode = this.treeView1.SelectedNode;
if (treeNodeAtMousePosition != null)
     if (treeNodeAtMousePosition != selectedTreeNode)
          treeView1.SelectedNode = treeNodeAtMousePosition;

The context menu has an event:


This is a cancellable event. In other words, test to see if you have a selected node and cancel the event if you don't - it will stop your menu from showing.

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